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Solar Panel Optimisers

What do Solar Panel Optimisers do?

Solar panel optimisers are an additional feature that can be fitted to a standard solar panel system. An optimiser is fitted to each solar panel to optimise the  power output generated by each panel independently.

Solar Panel String

In a normal home solar panel system the panels are connected together in strings. The number of panels in a string depends on the size of your inverter

The current starts at point A and moves through the panels in the string to point B. If any of the panels in the string have shading it will restrict the current that can pass through the panel. Any restriction on a single panel will restrict the current through all the other panels in the system.

Solar Panels String
Solar Panels Shading

Solar Panel Shading

Shading on a solar panel installation is the biggest issue homeowners face with performance. Shading reduces the output and ROI of your solar PV system.

If your solar panels are soiled with bird mess or other foreign matter it can reduce the system performance. If you have a single panel which is only producing 50% of its maximum output it will reduce the overall system performance by 50%.

By installing an optimiser to each solar panel each panel and its output is effectively optimised. If a panel is only producing 50% output the other solar panels in the system will still perform at their maximum efficiency.

We always recommend that you have your solar panels cleaned regularly to help maintain best performance.

Solar Panels with Optimisers

If panel optimisers are installed on each solar panel in the system it ensures they can pass the maximum current. No matter what shading is affecting a panel in the system the others in the string are not affected.

Using solar panel optimisers confines any reduction in one panel and ensures the rest of the system can still perform at its maximum efficiency giving you optimum ROI.

If you already have an existing solar panel system, it is possible to retro fit optimisers to your solar panels to ensure best performance and energy generation.

Solar Panels with Optimisers
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Installing Solar Optimisers

If you’d like more information on adding optimisers to an existing system or including them with a new solar panel system get in touch. One of our friendly, helpful staff will be in touch to discuss the options.