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Agile Octopus

and Solar PV for maximum savings

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100% green electricity tariff with plunge pricing

Agile Octopus + Solar Panels = Cheap, Clean Energy


Using the Agile Octopus tariff with a solar panel installation you are using 100% renewable energy.

Renewable energy is not only good for the planet it’s good for your pocket. You can reduce your energy bill by generating your own electricity with solar panels.

Adding a solar storage battery will create even larger savings and earnings. Storing your excess energy generated throughout the day to use in the evening when you need it.

Installing a solar battery you can also take advantage of the Agile Octopus plunge pricing. You can charge you solar battery when electricity is at a lower rate or free and then use your stored energy to power your home.

Agile Octopus customers are seeing huge savings on their energy bills and good earnings from selling their surplus energy back to the National Grid at peak times.


Benefit from Cheap, Clean Energy

With Agile Octopus, you receive updates on wholesale energy prices every half hour.

When wholesale prices drop you can take advantage of cheaper energy.

You can use it or store it in your solar battery to use later.

Plunge Pricing pays you to take excess energy from the grid

Whenever more electricity is generated than can be used wholesale energy prices drop.

Sometimes these prices can drop to zero, meaning you don’t pay for energy you use.

You can use this cheap or free electricity to charge your solar batteries to use later or sell back to the grid when there is demand.

Price Cap Protect ensures you don’t pay too much

When more energy is being used than generated the wholesale energy prices rise. 

These price spikes don’t last long and are normally for only 30 mines to an hour.

The Price Cap Protect ensures you don’t pay too much, in fact it’s guaranteed not to exceed 35p / kWh.

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