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Solar Batteries

How is a Solar Battery used?

In a modern solar panel PV system the panels produce energy throughout the day. This energy is stored in the solar battery. Most homes use more energy in the evening when the batteries can supply your energy.


So why install a Solar Battery?

There are a number of reasons depending on where you live and why you are considering solar panels and solar battery storage

Here are three common reasons a homeowner may consider solar batteries.

  • Store excess solar panel generated energy 
  • Backup power supply if the energy grid goes down
  • To go off grid and rely 100% on renewable energy

The most common reason to install a solar battery is to store the energy produced during the day to use at night. A working family would use more energy during the evening when everyone is at home.

There are a number of manufacturers we use on our solar panel installations. Each solar battery solution has different features that suits a different customers needs.

The GivEnergy Solar Battery pictured is an example of the new generation Smart solar batteries with built in EPS (Emergency Power Supply) function. With the additional EPS function the GivEnergy battery is more costly than a standard battery solution but provides emergency power should you need it. There are also solar battery storage solutions with an inverter built in.

The GivEnergy batteries use new smart technology and so it knows when to store energy and when to sell your energy for cheapest energy and best returns. With built in Octopus ready technology your solar battery storage automatically switches to charge at cheapest rates and sell back to the grid during peak demand. All automatically, no need to switch it yourself.

if you generate enough energy with your solar panels you can add enough batteries to store the additional power. With enough storage and generation you could go off grid if you live in a remote area.

How a Solar Battery Works

Storing the Solar Energy

We recommend using solar panel optimisers in solar pv systems we install for customers. This ensures each solar panel is generating as much energy as possible during the day. This energy is then stored in the solar battery for you to use in the evening.

If you have surplus energy you can sell this back to the grid generating income. Depending on the amount of energy you send back to the grid you could earn substantial amounts from selling energy back to the national grid network.

As qualified NICEIC electricans we can also install EV charger points. If you have an electric vehicle we can add an EV charger to an existing PV system, simply connect it to your home or install a solar panel system with battery storage and EV charger.


Learn More about Solar Battery Storage!

If you are interested in installing solar storage batteries to an existing system or a new solar panel installation please get in touch.


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Installing Solar Battery Storage

If you’d like more information on adding solar battery storage to an existing system or including them with a new solar panel system get in touch. One of our friendly, helpful staff will be in contact to discuss the options.