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When buying home energy

Consumer Protection, Made Simple

If you’re looking to buy products which can help you generate, save or store energy for your home then you should always use a HIES member.

A Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code, HIES is a leading consumer protection organisation covering the installation of home energy products. The HIES promise is to ensure all consumers are respected, protected and educated on their home improvement journey.

HIES accredited member

There are several benefits to using a HIES (Home Insulation & Energy Systems) certified solar installer like Fresh Electrical Solar for your solar panel installation:

Quality Assurance: HIES certified installers are trained to the highest standards and are required to meet strict criteria in order to maintain their certification. This means you can be confident that your solar installation will be of the highest quality.

Consumer Protection: HIES provides protection for consumers in the event that a HIES certified installer goes out of business or is unable to honour a warranty. HIES will step in to ensure that the installation is completed or that the warranty is honoured.

Comprehensive Warranty: HIES certified installers offer comprehensive warranties that cover the installation, the components used, and the performance of the system. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Financial Protection: HIES certified installers are required to offer insurance-backed guarantees to protect you financially in the event that the installer goes out of business or is unable to honour the warranty.

Access to Funding: HIES certified installers have access to a range of funding options, such as government grants and low-interest loans, which can help to make solar installations more affordable.

Environmental Benefits: By choosing a HIES certified installer, you can be confident that your solar installation is being installed by a company that is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Overall, using a HIES certified installer can provide peace of mind, financial protection, and access to funding, while also ensuring that your solar installation is of the highest quality and is installed by a company committed to environmental sustainability.

Why it’s important to use a HIES member

When you have used a HIES member, during their period of membership, and hold a contract with the member for your domestic property, you receive the following benefits.

HIES Accredited Member

Vetted & accredited installers

All members have successfully passed our strict accreditation process and are continuously monitored.

Proud to be a HIES member

Deposit & stage payment protection insurance

This covers up to 25% of the contract value (maximum £5,000) for a period of 120 days, upon your installation being registered with us.


HIES consumer protection

Alternative dispute resolution

Our expert mediators are always on hand to help resolve any disputes which may arise between a consumer and any one of our members.

HIES Member

Consumer advice line

We are on hand to answer any questions you may have once you have entered into a contract with a scheme member.

Approved HIES member

Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)

An IBG provides protection in the event your installer has ceased trading and is unable to honour the terms of their written guarantee. You will receive an IBG once the member has notified us of a completion date.

HIES protection

Access to an Ombudsman

Consumers using a member will have free access to an Ombudsman should HIES be unable to resolve your complaint.

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