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Installing Solar Panels at Home

Reputable, Professional and Qualified

Fresh Electrical was established in 2004, we have over 15 years’ experience installing solar PV systems throughout the UK.

Over 15 years in the Solar industry

Trusting a company to come into your home and carry out any kind of work can be quite daunting.

Finding a reputable company to carry out the work is important, especially if it involves electricity.

Fresh Electrical is an NICEIC registered company that specialise in Solar PV and renewable installations for the Domestic and Commercial Market. We’re electricians first and foremost who specialise in solar PV.

We’re proud members of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) and work to the highest of standards.

In order to ensure the solar generation estimates we provide are accurate they are checked and validated by EPVS. This ensures all our customers installed Solar PV systems deliver the energy production and savings you were quoted.



Use a HIES member for peace of mind

Using a HIES Member gives you the trust, confidence and peace of mind you deserve when buying any renewable products. 

Fresh Electrical Solar are Platinum HIES members, we have been fully vetted giving you complete reassurance when going ahead with renewables.









Consumer Protection, Made Simple

Key Consumer Benefits using a Platinum Member

HIES Vetted & Accredited Installers
HIES Free Stage Payment Protection
HIES Alternative Dispute Resolution
HIES Free Deposit Protection Insurance
HIES Free Insurance  Backed Guarantee (IBGs)
HIES Access to Ombudsman Services

We’re not like other Solar companies

Most people don’t realise that many of the Solar companies in the UK are in fact sales or marketing companies. They sell you the system then employ sub contractors to carry out the work.

With every Fresh Electrical PV system our own staff install, commission, support and maintain the system with the customer. By using our own staff we can better control and monitor the quality and workmanship throughout. 

We employ all our own staff from the energy consultant who is visiting you now to the roofers and electricians who will carry out your solar installation.

Our years of experience is from providing our staff to the solar companies to install for their customers. 

The energy PV consultant whose with you now will go through the ideal solar PV solution for your household. A lot of our business is through recommendation, we rely on our happy customers to spread the word, we want nothing but happy customers.

Validated Savings

In order to ensure the solar generation estimates we provide are accurate they are checked and validated by EPVS. This ensures all our customers installed Solar PV systems deliver the energy production and savings you were quoted.

Every home is different and energy usage is never the same for all homes.

We’ll carry out a quick survey of your home to confirm the savings and we’l need to look at a gas and electricity bill.

Why you ask?

In order to validate the savings we need to know how much you are currently paying for your gas and electricity.

Maximised Energy Savings

We work to ensure the system we design will provide you with maximised savings and earnings for the best ROI. Working with the latest renewable energy schemes and energy companies we ensure you receive the best return.

Our quotation clearly shows the savings you will make on your current gas and electricity bills.

Increase the value of your home

Many people don’t realise that a solar PV system could actually add value to your home. 

As you can see from the Government research figures below, an EPC rating does affect house values across the UK.


England property prices based on EPC

INFORMATION SOURCE: Gov.co.uk website

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