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Fresh Electrical Solar Offers

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Our Most Popular Solar PV Systems

We offer 3 different packages that cater for the different solar panel system configurations. If you have a larger or smaller roof, we can easily increase or lower the amount of panels.

If you have any questions or need some assistance our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can use the contact form on this page or for a faster response call us on 01268 214805.

All installation costs include safety scaffolding, HIES and MCS registration and connection to the National Grid.
No hidden costs, what you see is what you pay.

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Save up to 70% with Solar

on Your Electricity bill



SolarEdge Upgrade


  • Gain up to 25% energy generation in your solar PV system with SolarEdge inverters
  • Enable your Solar panels to perform independently of each other to decrease the impact of shading
  • Monitor and track your PV systems performance and generation 24/7
  • 25 Year Warranty 
Upgrade with SolarEdge
Upgrade with SolarEdge



SolarEdge Upgrade


  • Artificial Intelligence powered Grid Trading
  • Your system trades energy at peak times for maximum ROI
  • Monitor and track your PV systems performance and generation 24/7
  • Your Energy is up to 70% cheaper


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive the Feed In Tariff?

The Government ended the Feed In Tariff at the end of March 2019. Customers who installed solar before the close of the scheme will get the benefit of the Feed in Tariff. 

Customers installing Solar after March 2019 can enjoy the new smart export guarantee. The smart export guarantee pays you for all the electricity to send back to the grid.

Are the Smart Export Guarantee figures accurate?

We are registered solar installers, all the solar PV systems we install are checked by EPVS to ensure the savings and earnings we quote are accurate.

All of our customers solar installations are backed by the HIES guarantee to ensure all our customers save and earn what we quote them.

Would I benefit from a Solar battery?

We would answer yes. Having a solar battery means you can store the energy your system generates during the day and use it later. 

Most households use the bulk of their electricity during the evening, this means you can use your stored energy rather than using the grids energy, saving you more money.

How long will it take to install my solar panels?

The installation of most solar panel systems can be achieved in a day. We do insist for the safety of our staff and our customers that scaffolding is installed. If you have a specific date you would like your system installed let your energy surveyor know when he visits.

Will having Solar panels lower my energy bill?

Energy prices are increasing, offsetting the energy price increase by generating and using your own energy will cut the cost of your energy bills.

Depending on your energy supplier you can also sell your surplus energy back to the national grid. Unlike the Feed In Tariff you get paid for all the energy you export.

Will I be able to export my surplus energy to the National Grid?

All solar PV systems we install are MCS registered. Once the MCS registration is completed your system will be able to export surplus energy to the grid. Your energy supplier will pay you for all the energy you send to the grid.

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