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Customer Referral Program

Earn £1,000 for each referral

For each referral customer you submit that is sold and installed we’ll pay you £1,000. You can refer as many customers as you want. Once the installation is complete and the system has been paid for we’ll send you £1,000.

What happens next?

We’ll call and book an appointment with your referral customer to provide them with a solar PV system quote. If they go ahead with the installation once they have paid for their system we’ll pay you £1,000.

Referred Person or Business

Let us know the details of the person or company interested in a solar panel system you want to refer below. Please note. we do not share any of the information you provide with any other company. Fresh will only use the details to contact your referral about solar. Please make sure you have discussed and confirmed they are interested in solar panels before submitting their details.

Your Information

Add your contact information below so once your referral customer has their solar panels installed we know who to pay the £1,000 fee referral to.
Let us know if you are already a Fresh Electrical Solar customer


How long before I get my £1,000 referral?

Once we have your referral details we’ll get in touch with them to arrange an appointment to discuss a solar system with them. If they decide to go ahead with the solar installation with Fresh Electrical Solar we’ll book a suitable date. Once the installation is complete and they have paid any outstanding deposit or final balance we’ll send over you referral payment.

From appointment to installation can be less than a month depending on when the referral customer is ready to install their solar panel system.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

Not at all, if you have neighbours, friends or relatives interested in a solar panel system from Fresh Electrical Solar send us their details and we’ll get in touch with them to arrange an appointment.

What if my referral is in another part of England?

Fresh Electrical Solar cover most of England. There are however some areas of England we we are unable to install due to logistics. If your referral customer is outside of our installation area we may not be able to install a solar panel system for them. We can’t pay a referral if we don’t install in your referral area.

How will I get my referral payment?

Once everyhting is completed we’ll make a bank transfer to your account. One of our accounts team will be in touch to confirm your bank details once your referral customer has been installed and has paid any outstanding deposit or balance.